Soul mates


"Poetry is an orphan of silence. The words never quite equal the experience behind them." -Charles Simic

evolution ran its course
the flowers bloomed like in every spring past
out of the east the sun rises and makes its journey thorough the day
sky to once again set in the west
just beyond the horizon
land meets sky in an inseparable kiss
the sun rose in Egypt where Pharaohs and Queens reigned
at the rising of that sun
i was cleopatra,
Queen of the Nile
and you were Marc Anthony, my companion, my lover,

my soul mate
we made love in the shadows of the pyramids
sipping on nectar and indulging in our passion
basking in the glory of our love
the sun set
and like a whisper in the wind
Anthony and Cleopatra were no more
the next time the sun rose we found ourselves in a different time
to be or not to be was the question then
yet the real question was: were we to be or not to be
like an invisible magnetic force we were
attracted to each other at a masquerade
no disguise can hide our love
Romeo and Juliet we became
separated only by a name
slowly the sun climbed and emerged in its western abode in the sea
the world turned and again the sun rose
illuminating another romance in another foreign world
computers controlled emotions
neither right nor wrong
two un-named faces dared to love on their own
they held hands
cuddled in the shadows of the new moon,
sneaking kisses between the daylight hours and the wee hours of twilight
the millennium crept near and they
stood at the pinnacle of society
watching the last sun set together
hands gently intertwined
unspoken words passing between them
when the sun set
BANG ! the world exploded in a kaleidoscope of light
BOOM! they were no more
sans teeth, sans eyes, sans everything but their souls
together their souls intertwined for eternity
floating above everyone and everything
in a world all their own
the epitome of true love