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I have been told many times that San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the country and a must visit for any person.

So when I went out to the west coast, I knew that I had to take a look at it for myself.

When my friends and I made it to San Francisco after a seven hour drive from Los Angeles, the beauty of the city struck me right away.

The winding roads and the unique architecture set the scene right away, but it was the Golden Gate Bridge that still sticks out in my mind.

This bridge, which was built in 1937, is one of America's greatest treasures.

As soon as we got to San Francisco, we headed directly for that big red bridge.

Driving up to the bridge was a scenic ride, but the view that I really appreciated was when you get on the bridge and look out onto the city.

After leaving the bridge and checking into the hotel, we went straight to Fisherman's Wharf.

As you approach the wharf after driving up and down the hilly streets, the smell of fish smacks you right in the nose. I mean the place just reeks of fish.

As you can expect, the fish is probably as good as it gets.

My friends both had the lobster and crab, but since I'm allergic to shellfish, I just stuck with the salmon.

Other than the great restaurants, the wharf also had many nice shops and even had a museum that is all about the history of San Francisco.

However, the coolest part of Fisherman's Wharf is what goes on at Pier 39.

After buying a ticket for around $30, you jump on a boat that's docked at the pier and head out to one of the most notorious pieces of property in American history.


After seeing the movie "The Rock," I've been intrigued to see just what this place was like.

The tour we were on was an audio tour and as we walked the halls of Alcatraz, the recorder device they had given us described each area of the prison.

My friend Danny and I on the boat heading out to Alcatraz Island.

As I walked through places like the mess hall, Al Capone's cell and where the inmates got their haircuts, I can feel a chill going through my bones.

The tour even included a few seconds alone in solitary confinement.

Alcatraz was probably my favorite part of San Francisco.

The rest of my trip to San Francisco was pretty eventful as well.

My friends and I did some shopping around Nob Hill, which is the more prestigious part of the city, and we took rides on the trolleys.

We also walked around China Town at night and had some really good kung-pao chicken.

Overall, we stayed for three days, two nights and had a very nice time.

I must agree with what I was told prior to my trip that the city of San Francisco is nothing short of breathtaking.

It's probably the nicest city I've ever been to and I would like to go back again some day.