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The Strip

I have wanted to check out Las Vegas for a long time, but I knew I that until I was 21 years old that it was pointless to go.

One month after my 21st birthday, I was off to "Sin City."

My friends and I drove to Las Vegas from my friend Gaby's house in Los Angeles. It took us about four hours to get there and most of the ride was through the desert.

Most people don't realize how cold it gets in Vegas in the winter time, including myself, but the temperature hovered around 30 degrees the whole weekend.

We stayed at the Tropicana hotel, which was probably the crummiest looking hotel on the strip.

However, we did get the room for free thanks to my grandmother's connections, so we couldn't complain.

As soon as we checked in and brought our baggage up to the room, we went straight for the casinos.

My friends and I started off pretty well and won some money at the MGM Grand hotel black jack tables.

After sitting at the table for a few hours, we decided to try our luck at roulette.

We tried our luck at the Excalibur hotel because they had the lowest minimum bet that we had seen for roulette.

We definitely made a mistake.

In just over an hour, roulette cleaned us all out and put me personally into debt.

Gambling was a lot of fun and I can see how it can become addicting.

By the end of the weekend, after going back to the black jack tables, I finished even.

One of the biggest highlights of the weekend was being able to see Jerry Seinfeld do stand-up comedy at the Caesar's Palace hotel.

The tickets were $90 each, but I thought they were definitely worth it. Seinfeld put on a great show and even took requests and questions at the end of his routine.

On the strip
My friend Danny and I on the strip in front of Paris Hotel.

The rest of the weekend pretty much consisted of more gambling, great low-price restaurant and lots of alcohol.

Between the three days we stayed in Las Vegas, we probably got around three hours a night of sleep.

The worst part of the trip was the drive back.

The drive back to my friend's apartment took eight hours, which was twice as long as it did to get to Las Vegas.

Evidently, the whole city of Los Angeles drives back from Vegas on Sunday night.

All in all, the trip to Las Vegas was amazing.

It was so great that I plan on going back this winter break again.