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When I went out to the west coast last winter break, I decided to go for the full two weeks vacation time that I had between semesters.

Out of those two weeks, half my time was spent hanging out in the Los Angeles area.

The best part about staying in Los Angeles for a whole week was that it didn't cost very much.

My friend Gaby, who is a student at American Film Institute in Hollywood, lived there so I did not have to worry about getting a hotel or renting a car.

For me, Los Angeles was so much about going sight seeing or doing anything special. It was about relaxing and having some fun.

The week spent there was made up of primarily going to movies, good restaurants and going shopping at the malls.

There were a few things I knew that I had to check out though.

First and foremost, I wanted to see what Hollywood was like.

We saw the Kodak Theatre, strolled down the "Walk of Fame" and even saw a movie at Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

The theatre was pretty nice, but the only real difference between that theatre and all the others I have been to is that a big red curtain comes down before and after the previews.

That and it cost $14 for a matinee ticket.

After that one strip of Hollywood was very nice and exactly what it looks like on television.

However, other than that one block, the rest of Hollywood looks kind of run-down.

Another sight I knew I needed to see was the famous Hollywood sign on the side of that mountain.

To get a good view of the sign, my friend took me up to the second level of a Home Depot parking garage.

During the week we also stood on line at 8 a.m. for tickets to the Jay Leno show, only for them to sell out a few spots ahead of us.

We also walked around the campus at UCLA.

Though the campus is one of the finest I have seen, it wasn't as nice as the campus at the University of Florida.

Overall the sights in Los Angeles were pretty nice, but the food was what I enjoyed the most.

We went several times to a restaurant named "Canter's Deli" and were never disappointed.

Those overstuffed sandwiches at "Canter's Deli" were a thing of beauty

The deli is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is packed at all times.

I ordered a different overstuffed sandwich each time we went, but my favorite was the "Canter's delight." That sandwich included turkey, roast beef and tongue on rye bread.

With non-stop action occurring on my trips to San Francisco and Las Vegas, the time spent in Los Angeles was definitely a change of pace from the other two.

Though L.A. was not as much fun as my other destinations, I think it's more of a city that I would be able to raise a family in.

Not that I have plans to do so any time soon.