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The Hoover Dam is known as one of America's modern marvels and after a weekend spent in Las Vegas, my friends and I decided to make the trip over to see it.

Though the dam is only 35 miles from Las Vegas, there was bumper-to-bumper traffic almost the whole way there and it ended up taking us over two hours to get there.

Let me just say, the ride was not worth it.

Maybe my friends and I just didn't appreciate the dynamic and architecture of the dam like so many others do, but to us the dam was just an enormous piece of concrete that separated a lot of water.

When we got to the dam, we decided that we should take the tour inside and see if it would validate the ride over.

Even though the price of admission was only $10, I still think we didn't get our money's worth.

Before they take you on the tour, the guide shows everyone a short film on the history on the dam.

That part was okay because it taught me a few things that I had not realized about the dam, like all the statistics and other data that makes it one of America's engineering wonders.

After the film, they put us all in an elevator that went down all the way to where the generators were at.

However, since Sept. 11, 2001, they have had to cut down on the tour and what they are able to show visitors, so that was pretty much the whole tour.

I mean, they did take us back up top and explained what some of the stuff was around the dam, but it was pretty boring.

All in all, it was a 15 minute tour that was a waste of $10.

The only cool thing about going to the Hoover Dam is that the dam is at the Nevada- Arizona state lines.

After walking across the dam, I can now tell people that I've been to Arizona as well.

Also, Nevada is in the Pacific Time zone and Arizona is in the Mountain Time zone.

So it can go from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. in a matter of seconds when you walk across the dam.

The border
This is the area of the dam that separates the states of Nevada and Arizona and the Pacific and Mountain time zones.

Overall, I was not too enthused about the Hoover Dam and I think it is a place where only people that can appreciate engineering will enjoy.

It is a place that I am at least glad to say I've been to, but it's not a place where I'll be going back.