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The Heirloom

Rainbow, glitter, crystal.
I hold the heirloom
Of the Golden Age,
When we were in our prime.
Quickly I am taken back
To that era of time.
Busy sidewalks crowded
With shoppers on their way.
I'm stopped in front a window
"Crystal Special Today" hangs in the corner.
Inside, there's a young man
He asks a clerk for help.
An elder opens a case and
Lifts up a tri-string of clear
That sparkles in the light.
The youth is filled with bliss.
He holds the necklace high,
As if the only thing in sight.
He imagines how it would fit
An angel, a queen, a lady.
Entranced by the shimmer,
Captured by his images glimmer,
He's far from pleased at what he sees.
Is that moisture in his eye?
How sweet, such a sentimental guy.
Now the clerk brings him back around.
The young man shakes as if awaken.
He nods.
He smiles.
He nods.