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Knight Division The Fry Sculpture Having Fun at a Graduate's Party

Me and Kevin Cadogan take a break after Reporting (JOU 3101) to take a picture at the Knight Division.

After a long day of classes during the Summer, I pose near the sculpture at the Computer Science and Engineering Building.

Lashay Clayton, Aurielle McKnight, Carla McKnight, Latalia McKnight and myself smile for the camera during Carla's graduation party.

The Graduate's Aunts Sunset at the Bahamas The Graduate's Special Friends

Aunts Barbara Sumtar and Betty Dukes take a break from preparing the food to take a picture with their special neice Carla McKnight and family friend Jessica Phillips.

This sunset was seen by my parents at the "I Believe In Marriage" Cruise in the Bahamas earlier this summer in July

Porsha McKee, Carla McKnight, Denise Young and Donnie Young pose for a picture during the festivities.

Best Friends at the Weimer Atrium After Church Lab Instructor

Me and Erin Rice pose in the atrium of Weimer Hall at the College of Journalism after lunch.

Me and Desiree Thomas, after a stirring church service, pose for the camera.

Me and my lab instructor for Reporting, Donna Pazdera pose during a rigorous day of writing news stories.

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