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Who Is This Cute Little Girl?

Baby Jessica

My government name is Jessica Lynn Phillips and I welcome you to my online home.
I am a Junior at the prestigiousUniversity of Florida, in Gainesville, Florida.
Currently, I am majoring in Journalism with a specialization in Online Media with the
College of Journalism and Communications. I want to thank you for taking time out of
your busy schedule to browse through my site. Feel free to click your mouse anywhere you like,
as long as you tell your friends about my home page. Enjoy your visit and I hope you will come back soon!

Where Does She Come From?

I was born in 1983 in Gainesville, Florida at Shands Hospital
on a hot summer's day in July. My first few years in this world
were interesting and challenging as I struggled with being born premature at 1.7 oz.
Eventually, things began to work out for me. At the age of 13,me and my family
packed our belongings and moved to the Northeast section of Gainesville near the airport.
The Copeland Settlement as it's called is in itself its own little town, with a community
store and a public park.

Weimer Hall

Does She Have Any Web Design Experience?

I'm glad that you asked that question because if you didn't,I wouldn't be in
Communications on the Internet (MMC 3260) designing my second Web site.
Honestly, I have very limited skills in Web design, but I hope that after
this course, I will become more familiar with constructing Web pages.
Earlier this Spring, I decided to do an experiment to see if I would
enjoy designing Web sites as a career. I signed up for Introduction to
Educational Technology (EME 2040) in the College of Education and was able
to build my first Web site using Dreamweaver and it was a great success.

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