Helpful links to backpack abroad!

Welcome to Sta Travel

Here you will find information about: flights, hotels, hostels, transportation, tours, travel insurance, travel cards, and even travel gear. Local offices can be found at college campuses. They offer a "student card" that entitles you to discounts at many museums and hostels around the globe.

Welcome to Eurail

This site offers information about Eurial Passes, Eurail Selectpasses and Eurailtickets. Eurial offers youth prices, and "Eurial Saver", both of these offer significant discounts. Also, on this site you can view specific information on different countries and view train schedules.

Welcome to Moosejaw

Here you will find everything you need to take on your trip. Some brands offered are North Face, Teva, Swiss Army and many more. It's worth the extra money to buy a high quality backpack that will last the whole trip. Remember to pack the essentials and wear really comfortable sneakers.