Favorite meals

Maryland Steamed Crabs

Maryland crabs ready to eat

As a Maryland native, Crabs are a tradition in my family. For as long as I can remember, we have gathered over a couple dozen crabs in good times and in sorrow. The smell of Old Bay seasoning triggers thoughts of summer afternoons with my cousins and grandparents, eating and laughing on a picnic table in my aunt's backyard.

The crabs sometimes were delivered in a large wooden crate, complete with a stack of napkins and a mallet. The work to get the meat out is half the fun, because every person at the table can teach you their specific method to break the claws, remove the shell and suck out all the tasty white meat that remained.

By meal's end, the table is covered in a variety of crab juices and the seasoning has found its way into any cuts on your hands with searing precision. Everyone is gross, stuffed and happy. Eating steamed crabs with someone is a bonding experience.

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