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Who Do I Love?

My Mommy

I am totally her "mini-me".

My Daddy

I believe I inhereted my shopping gene from him.

My Big Sister and Soon to Be Big Brother

They are engaged and getting married in October 2005 and I'm the maid of honor, yay!

My Little Sister

She is totally turning into my "mini-me." It's both scary and touching at the same. It's like watching myself grow up.

My Grandparents

These are the cutest grandparents ever. They came to America from Cuba way back in 1957. Even though they are shorter than me, they are still the people I look up to the most.


Max is a trooper. He's a 13 year-old miniature schnauzer who's blind, deaf, and very confused. In his glory days he was the best dog ever and I still love him for the dog that he tries to be, despite his handicaps.


Oliver is definitely a dog who was born into a cat's body. He has figured out how to get himself food when nobody is around and he never does the biting or scratching that most other cats do.


Fuzz was born in the streets. We took him in as a kitten and he grew up with a bad temper and a taste for ice-cream.

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