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Who's That Lady?

The Basics

My full name is Lauren Elaine Lewis. I was born in Cincinnatti, Ohio. I came into this world as a Pisces on March 17, 1983, which is also St.Patrick's Day. I moved to Florida when I was four and have remained a Florida resident, faithfully working on my tan, ever since. I am currently in my fourth and final year of attendance as a University of Florida undergraduate majoring in Journalism and minoring in Business and Criminology.

What I am made of

While people have guessed that I'm everything from Italian to Hawiian, I am actually what you would call a Jewban. For those who aren't familiar with this term,a Jewban is produced when a Jewish individual, such as my father, mates with a Cuban individual like my mother. In this Jewban's situation it appears that these two diverse cultures have canceled each other out yeilding a solely english-speaking individual with no strong religious beliefs.

What I'm like

I have taken the typical college journey,during the past few years, of soul-searching and self-discovery only to realize that I, just like everyone, am a person of diverse dimensions. Get me in a room with family or a few close friends and I can be hyper, silly, a party-animal, and funny, or so I think. Put me in a room with strangers and I tend to become silent and oblivious to what's going with those around me. Unfortunatley my lack of socializing is often misunderstood leaving the impression that I'm mean, but I'm really not! I am always working to overcome this "shyness"aspect of my personality and have definitely come a long way. Because I can be quiet and keep to myself I also sometimes appear neglectful of my friends and family,the people that I value the most. I'm trying to work on my phobia of phone conversations so that I can stay in better contact with everybody.

My Life in the Present Day

Currently,my days are consumed with trying to achieve A's in my courses as well as studying for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). Though my undergraduate days are winding down, I'm doing my best to avoid thinking too seriously about the future because it scares me to think about growing up. I'm trying to make the most of the time I have remaining in college and I have contracted a serious case of "senioritis", which means I'm frequently and spontaneously overcome with the urge to go out and party. There is just no telling when my next breakout of this dreadful disease might occur.

My Plans for the Future

As of right now, I intend to enroll in law school after graduation. Although exactly Where I will do so has not been determined, I do know that I want to have a career somewhere in South Florida. Though my family has been somewhat adamant in discouraging me in my pursuit to become an attorney, I am trying not to let that influence me. I happen to love school and the feeling of expanding my mind, so Law School really appeals to me. I also feel that my personal strenghts of logical thinking and problem solving as well as my ability to successfully deal with stressful situations will allow me to be a successful lawyer.

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