A looming terrorist threat is pretty far removed from Gainesville. However, pilots have been known to make the occasional emergency crash landing in Gainesville's many wonderful lakes. For the complete story

Months before voters hit the polls, controversy stemming from the 2000 election had state Supervisor of Elections Glenda Hood walking a tight rope. The nation will watch Florida and its ballot counters closely again this election season. Voter controversy, in Florida?

Block tuition is a plan to raise money for UF without increasing funding to the school. Not only is the plan controversial with students, but Tallahassee lawmakers could make this a partisan issue when the session begins. Legislators will have the final vote on the new tuition plan.
Administrators admit block tuition faults

Florida's flagship university lacks adequate instructional and study space necessary for students to learn. Funny thing is that the majority of incoming students are not told that the main library at UF will not be opened until 2006. Limited library resources at UF

Even before kick-off for the 2004 Gator football season, fans could sense a season of mediocrity. The once proud Gator nation continues to feel dissappointment from a team that has real potential - just no direction.
No one wants Gator football tickets - I could not have foreseen that.