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my boys in the band

Joey is a straight drama geek, Chris is a manic-depressive monkey on crack, Justin wants you to love him but not if it means getting his Air Jordans dirty, Lance is a good Southern boy who can't dance, JC is a Leo and has oft-feathered hair and aaw, pretty kitten.

They got together as *NSYNC. They fought a lawsuit to stay that way. Now they're on a break, and all of it's only as true as you believe it is.

Just recommendations for now.

Before You - Amber
Chris is supposed to be the annoying one and love can't be that easy. Truth is, both of those things are false. What then?

Caught - Jae
Realizations don't always dawn in bright flashes of light.

Dancing Days - Lise
It was never Lance's thing.

the end of the beginning - Julad
This story breaks my heart just a little more every time I read it. It's beautiful in the way that truth inherently is, whether it's pretty or not. And nothing about the Lance here is pretty, even if he's never been more honest.

For You - Sandy the Younger
A surprisingly short tale of a surprisingly long time, wherein things not so surprising happen. Set to Ivy's Edge of the Ocean, it's blissful magic.

It's a Wonderful Lance - bitterchick
Joey laughed and said, "No. I get it. But that's the thing about dreams. When you have them and they're just this idea, it's okay. As long as you never get close, you can keep on holding on to them. But when they almost come true and then you lose them. It hurts worse. Because now you can't even dream them anymore."

Liar - Emmy
"So, who's the biggest liar?" - Jay Leno, July 23, 2001.
There was no hesitation as to the collective answer.

Round and Round - Val
Love's got everything and nothing to do with this.

Salvation - Rhys
Oh, Joey. How little comes with age.

Save Yourself - Tiffany Rawlins
You were talking about the end of the world. Also known as the surest and fastest way to make me bawl in this fandom.