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My own fiction. No celebrities actually whispered in my ear in the course of these non-events.

All That Matters
December 2002
My very first piece of pop fic, riddled with cliches and sentimentality but you know, I think it still holds up. That and its recipient liked it, which was the real point anyway. Intended for the 2002 Don We Now Our Gay Apparel fic exchange.

Of Studs and Men
March 2003
A campy little thing.

Tall Buildings, Single Bound
July 2003
Inspired by a true story as related by Alicia over Challenge V weekend.

Home Again, At Last
August 2003
Lambs in a hammock. For Kare, because she asked.

Here's to the Bachelors
September 2003
For the Sandys' Small Change: A JC Challege that featured lyrics by Tom Waits.