My Trip to N.Y.C.

I went to New York City this summer to visit my one and only sister, Jinny. My girl friend, Cat, came along with me and it was oodles and oodles of fun. It was raining the first day we arrived and neither of us was prepared for that. We must have walked about 100 blocks in total because it was quite difficult to get a taxi cab. We finally chased one down, but he did not speak English, and by the time I repeated our destination over and over again, I became irritated and bolted out of our ride... our only chance to ride through the city with ease. By the end of the trip, I had rows of blisters all over my feet. Not the most attractive quality, but it is the punishment for wearing uncomfortable shoes while touring. We took the train from my sister's apartment on Wall Street to Spring Street. We went shopping in SOHO and spent a lot of money. We walked through Times Square, bought several souvenirs, and ate as much food as we could. That night, we went to various clubs and lounges and came home early in the morning. The next day, we went to shop around on Fifth Avenue, and then went to the Upper-East Side to eat lunch. Afterward, we went to Central Park which was the highlight of my trip. As we walked into Strawberry Fields, the section of the park that is dedicated to John Lennon by Yoko Ono, there was this man creating a peace sign with the heads of flowers. It was the most amazing sight I saw in all of my trips to N.Y.C. It was a clear and sunny day, a definite change of weather from the previous day. We sat on a blanket in the middle of the park and the smell of grass reminded me of my childhood. We walked through the park seeing a small carnival, a petting zoo, and rollerbladers of all sexual orientation dancing around in the streets. The smell of horse poo wafted through the air, due to the horses that pulled around carriages. That night, we took the train to New York University and spent some time in Greenwich Village. Items we did not see in Times Square lurked in the corner stores, such as glass-made bongs and pipes, dominatrix leatherwear, and a unique array of jewelry. We could not stop ourselves from shopping on Fifth Avenue again, so we raided the area one more time before leaving back home. Our cab driver ripped us off on our way back to La Guardia Airport. I think that he felt bad so he charged us $5 less than the total. As usual, I got searced and had to separate from Cat; she got to stand in the easy line, while I was interrogated by the airport security. They searched through my bag as if I had something (i.e. a bomb) to hide. I know that they are doing their jobs, but sometimes I feel like they go overboard and abuse the little powers they have. All in all, my trip to N.Y.C. was a trip to remember.

My Trip To NYC
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