Yeah, I surf.

Know before you go, because not knowing Sucks

Here are some great links that any wave junkie will love

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*Surfing Links

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is probably the best Web site that targets every aspect of surfing. It has up to date forcasts and Web cams for mulitple beaches around the world. Plus it has Surf Maps of coastlines from places like Florida, Cali and Portugal.

This site
has a list of links to just about every surf cam in the state of Florida. If you want to see if there are waves, you can't go wrong by checking out this site.
is stricktly for those who rip on the East Coast. It has articles, photos and forum about all kinds of wave chasers on the Florida East coast.
is an online surfshop that sells everything that a surfer could ever possibly need or want, plus a bunch of other stuff that no one wants. They sell everything but surfboards, you have to go to a real surfshop to get one of those.

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