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Whoever said surfers only live near the beach, has never been to Gainesville, Fl.

We have some of the sickest surfers to date here in North Florida, and not all of them wake up in morning with sand in their toes. When I left the surfing paradise of Naples, Fl and came to the coast-free town of Gainesville, I thought I would never see the ocean again. But I was sadly mistaken, G-ville is full of many barrel-loving merry pranksters, who are just as crazy as the Maverick's crew.

This Web site is for all the Gaineville surfers, or for really any Florida surfer who is bumed about being landlocked. It's purpose is to show why we surfers make our pilgramiges to the distant coasts of Florida to only get smacked around in the tumultous sea and hope we leave the water with all of our limbs in tack.
And Why we wouldn't have it any other way!

SO If you want to read about how we Gainesville Surfers chase waves from Panama City to Del Ray beach, and how we live, party, and make sense of it all in the end, check out my site!

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