Travel Reflections
I have been many places and I have learned many things. I know
that sounded very Yoda-like but I believe that I have. For example,
when I was in Panama I realized that my Spanish was absolutly horrible
and that it would probably be beneficial to take that extra semester
of Spanish. I also feel that I have seen another part of the world that
is totally different from my own. I have seen native indians in Panama 
that had gold bars through their noses, I have eaten foods that made my
stomach revolt and other foods that were delicious. 

Although I have been a lot of places there are still many more I would
like to go. On the top of the list in Europe, mainly England and Spain.
I hope to go in the next few years but like I said, I'm on a tight budget
if you'd like to give monetary contributions to my cause, e-mail me. Other
than Europe I would also like to visit Australia sometime. But I still have
a lot of life ahead of me and hopefully someday I will have a little more
money then I do at the moment.

If you would like any more information about any of the places I talked
about here are the links I promised...

The Virgin Islands:
Maho Bay campsites
Woody's Seafood in St. John

El Valle

New York City:
New York City

St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg Times (the local newspaper)
E-mail me.

The Virgin Islands
New York, New York
Around Florida
My Travel Reflections