Beth's World Travels
Beth's World Travels
About Me
I am 20 years old but I feel I have been many places in my short, 
but exciting life. I haven't done the typical college-girl trip
of traveling accross Europe on mommy and daddy's dime (though I would
like to go to Europe someday). Instead, I have gone to unique places 
that most people my age have not been to and I've done it all on my 
dime (aka: a budget, and a rather tight one at that). This is a record
of my travels complete with commentary and things I learned along the 
way. The people that appear in the pictures will be my boyfriend Mike 
and my Uncle Richard and Aunt Michelle. If there are other they will
be introduced with the picture. Hope you enjoy the travels and maybe 
even get an idea for your next vacation destination! I highly recomend 
all these places, each for different reasons, so pick your favorite 
and have an adventure! If you'd like some more information, on my 
"travel reflections" page there are links to some places I talk about.

Need more travel advice? Want more info? Questions? Comments? Travel stories you want to share? E-mail me.

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