I am Robot?



You can't alter anyone's fate

but you can certainly change their perception.


Today like any other I am caught in a net, a web, a tight bind, a corner of a sage's window awaiting the next consumer eye. Can I sell you something besides yourself? Perhaps we'll sell each other and make a great profit. A sacrifice for the community, a limitless trail. You think you understand consumption. Devoured all that much. Are "taking it all in" but you're piercing needles into bolts of leather and stringing along handmaids to the summer sale of the year. Biannual flourishing of an invariate moon. We walk together and climb into your house. Impossible beings transmit messages through parallel vessels.

Do you know how much I would like to package you up and send you to the next dimension?


Three of us could be strangers in a strange land

the four of us could create a universe

five of us could die in combat

two of us could become one



Who will survive this battle of whim? Be prepared for ultimate destruction. If it's not a secret: it's mass communication. If you don't know, you're not listening. Kill a man, lose the several perspectives. If only you knew the truth, you'd run very far away...



however small

all last forever.. never forget this

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