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Month 7

Month 7: She started her first swimming lessons at the YMCA. She loves kicking and splashing in the water. She also discovered how high-pitched her voice can be. She likes to point at everything and bang on trays and tables. She was in her first beauty pageant at the Newberry Watermelon Festival (I swear we’re not rednecks).

Month 8

Month 8: She can’t crawl yet, but can roll around on the floor and scoot backwards a little. She loved fireworks on the Fourth of July and still points at everything. She’s really into details. She also started making a really loud squeaking noise every once in a while.

Month 9

Month 9: She’s still rolling around on the floor and her personality has really developed. She started to mimic us by clicking her tongue and clapping on her own. She loves to zoom around the house in her walker and terrorize our dog, Baby Blue.

Month 10

Month 10: She can finally crawl. She also pulls up on the couch and coffee table.

Month 11

Month 11: She’s learned how to pitch a fit. She can wave bye-bye and loves to turn through the pages of her books. We took her to Disney for the first time, where she rode the carousel, her favorite, Snow White, the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Month 12 Month 12

Month 12: The invitations have been sent out. What a year!

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