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Month 1

Month 1: She’s such a good baby. She only cries when she’s hungry. She had a ton of people hold her and pass her around, but she didn’t mind at all. Everyone was amazed at what a good and beautiful baby she was.

Month 2

Month 2: She started smiling and looking around at everything. At about eight weeks, she started sleeping a three- to five-hour stretch at night, a lot nicer than waking up every two hours. Jason calls her pacifier the snooze alarm. He starts watching her often when I return to work and school.

Month 3

Month 3: She started smiling more and loved to play on her activity gym and watch Baby Einstein videos (a great gift). She also started laughing more, especially at the remote controlled fart machine that Grandma Darlene bought for Jason.

Month 4

Month 4: She started eating solids. We bought a jogger stroller so Jason and I could take her for walks around the neighborhood, which she loves. She took her first trip to the zoo when we went to visit family in West Palm Beach.

Month 5

Month 5: Forgive me, but I didn’t write anything down for this month and I couldn’t remember anything specific. At least I took pictures.

Month 6

Month 6: She got her first teeth, her two top central incisors to be exact. She also went on her first overnight visit with Grandma Darlene while we went to a wedding. She loves jumping in her jumper and playing in her activity saucer. She also began to sit up without being propped up.

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