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First Time Holding a Toy

First bath (at home): October 31, 2003

First outing: Regal Cinemas, October 31, 2003

First smile: October 31, 2003 (unintentional), on purpose, at six weeks

Rolls tummy to back: June 2004

Rolls back to tummy: February 25, 2004

First Baby Food

Sleeps through the night: eight weeks (a five-hour stretch), nine months (most of the night)

Laughs; January 31, 2004

Coos: Eight weeks

Holds toy: January 17, 2004

Sits alone: May 15, 2004

First Time Sitting Alone

Pulls up: August 2004

Mimics sound; August 2004

First baby food: March 1, 2004 (Beech-Nut Rice Cereal)

Claps hands: August 15, 2004

First trip to the zoo: March 9, 2004

First Trip to the Zoo

First trip to the beach: May 9, 2004

First trip to Walt Disney World: October 17, 2004

Crawls: Ten months

First hair cut: June 7, 2004 (just a trim)

First doctor’s visit: November 3, 2004 (Alliance Pediatrics, ARNP Beth Severance)

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