A huge part of the publishing industry is a healthy knowledge of design and photography. I took these photos for undergraduate photography classes with a 35 mm camera. Here's a look at the stories behind the magic:


This photo of my friend, Leah, was taken in my apartment. After taking 38-or-so shots, I realized there was no film in my camera. I quickly loaded the camera and shot another roll before Leah choked me like a chicken. Luckily, we acheived this look.


I'm a big fan of vegetables. This photo displays a couple of my favorites: the onion and the brussel sprout. In this shot, they are melded in a romantic pose that shows their love/hate relationship.

Dancin' pantsThis girl was in my photo class, and though I can't remember her name, she served as a wonderful model for this silhouette shot. This was taken in the photography studio with a red filter over the camera light.

Miami hotelThe first photo taken with my new camera at a Coral Gables hotel on the Magnificent Mile. It was also my first attempt at adjusting light manually, hence the slight out-of-focusness.

AlisonMy friend, Alison, loves to model. This is a study in ambient light taken in her apartment. She moved to Atlanta for art school where she models regularly and mostly in the nude.

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