Clips and Links

Throughout my journalism jobs, I've racked up some fun and interesting clips. Here are a few of my favorites:

"Edge of Africa"

Written in the spring of 2003, Carlton Ward, a UF graduate student studying environmental photojournalism in Gabon, had just finished putting together a book to be published by the Smithsonian press. Ward traveled to Gabon, a lush tropical forest in the heart of Africa, and shot photos of previously undocumented wild animals using camera traps and make-shift canvas studios.

"Home Library"

In January, 2004, I started writing a book column for the Palm Beach Post's "Residences" section. "Home Library" reviews (promotes) books written about homes, gardening, interior design and architecture. Some would call me the Carrie Bradshaw of the Real Estate section...decide for yourself.

"Let Art Reflect Home-life"

At the Palm Beach Post, I wrote many stories about local artists. This one about Louis Schneiderman, describes the way his artwork reflects his personal experiences and family-life. An extremely talented painter who worked in Atlanta for 10 years, Schneiderman returned home to Palm Beach in 2004.

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