The Men Behind the Music

All of the pictures of the band were taken at the "It" Festival in Maine in the Summer of 2003, by my best friend Ali.

To the left is a picture of the whole band, minus the drummer, John Fishman. If the camera could've caught him he is usually keeping perfect time for the whole band. Starting with the man on keys, is the ever so eloquent Page McConnell. Directly to the right, in the yellow shirt, is the incomprable bass player, Mike Gordon. And to the right, closest to the crowd, is the one and only Trey Anastasio, responsible for lead guitar and vocals (and making my heart go pitter-patter.)

John Fishman

As the drummer, the picture to the right is probably what he sees looking out into the audience. Fishman is a madman on the drums and is the only man I have ever seen who can actually play the vacuum. He is often known to wear a long,black, sleeveless dress with orange "o's" all over it. He has been known to get naked on stage on several occasians. Since the band's resignation, Fishman has several other side projects including the Jazz Mandolin Project.

Page McConnell

To the left is a picture of Page completely jamming out. He has the ability to rock out in the middle of a jam but then leave you light on your feet with the most beautiful piano sounds you ever heard. He plays a mean cover of the Velvet Underground tune "Rock'n'Roll. He was the last to join the band, and remains an integral part to differentiating Phish from other jam bands. Since the band stopped touring, McConnell has made a successful solo effort, with another jazz project called Vida Blue.

Mike Gordon

Ok, I know--it's not the best picture of Mike. It doesn't do him any justice. The guy has probably one of the meanest bass sounds in the business and all I have is a shotty picture. Well, bare with me. Mike is extremely creative. He started out as a film major in college and is responsible for most of the band's video efforts, which are very few. Mike's voice deserves recognition, too. It's much softer than Trey's voice and you can always tell which tunes Mike has written. Mike has collaborated on several other projects as well including an entire recording with 5-string guitar legend Leo Kotke.

Trey Anastasio

Trey has made quite a name for himself in the guitar world. He was featured as one of Rolling Stone's top 100 guitarists and recently appeared on the cover Guitar magazine. His striking resemblence to Chuck Norris has not stopped Trey from becoming one of the best and most popular guitarists in the world. He has had several solo projects over the years. He formed Oysterhead with bassist Les Claypool of Primus and drummer Steart Copeland of the Police. Trey also went on a solo tour with his own band aptly called the Trey Anastasio Band, which featured a live jazz band from the University of Vermont. Now, you can catch Trey, teaming up with the likes of Dave Mathews on Dave's latest albulms.