Where to Find More on Phish

Some Other Cool Stuff Too


This site is an official page "created by Phish Phans, for Phish Phans. It always has up-to-date news about the band, and answers nearly every question you could possibly ask about the band, including links to other popular Phish sites


This is the official band Web Site. It includes the band's history, places to buy band merchandise, and allows access to shows for downloading (for a small fee, of course). But, the site also has information about the Waterwheel Foundation, Phish's own charity organization that raises money for environmental causes and concentrates on getting Phans to vote.


Jambase is an entire site for Phans of all jam bands (this includes jazz, rock, reggae and bluegrass.) It tells you when live jam shows are playing near you and sends out a newsletter updating you on festivals, CD releases and up and coming talent.


Relix is an entire magazine "deadicated" to the entire improvisational style of music. It started as a magazine/tour diary for dead heads and has evolved into "heady" literature for Phans everywhere. Their site provides an online music newsletter as well as way to subscribe to the magazine.

My Reaction

This is a link to an article I wrote when I heard the news of the band's breakup. It has some good info on the band and the local reactions of Phlorida Phans. As a Journalism major at the University of Florida, I always appreciate feedback about my writing. Please feel free to

E-mail me.