Tourist Moments

The famous Serendipity3, home of the frozen hot chocolate.

Frozen hot chocolate display in the front store window.

The Statue of Liberty...

This was about as close to the Statue of Liberty as I got during my five-day stay in the Big Apple. We never made it out on the ferry to see the statue, but we did catch a view of it in this Wendy's near an H&M clothing store in the Village. Since H&M was often our targeted destination, we were sure to explore any areas surrounding our favorite store.

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Visiting Serendipity3 to savor the famous frozen hot chocolate was definitely a highlight of the trip. We had heard a lot about these famous drinks from many New York visitors. I made sure to enjoy it for my mom too, snapping a picture of the infamous drink before leaving.

A smaller Statue of Liberty replica at Wendys.

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