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Attending the University of Florida as a third-year Public Relations student, I feel ready to face the challenges, excitement and hard work of a professional position. The University of Florida has provided me with an education in ethics and skills. UF has also taught me the value of a determined work ethic. Though my classes have given me the tools to achieve a successful career in public relations, my internship at the Independent Florida Alligator in the Public Relations Department has allowed me to apply those educational tools to professional work. Interning at the largest independent, student-run newspaper in the nation, I feel confident in applying my developed skills to my future job positions. I do realize that I have much more to learn, and I value a company able to teach me skills in order to provide them with outstanding work. Please consider this Web site as a visible piece of who I am and why I would be a successful addition to your company. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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