Fossils of the Peace River

Marine Animals

The Carcharodon megalodon (extinct giant white shark) grew to 50 feet in length or more. It lived during the Miocene and was the ancestor of the modern great white shark. Hemipristis is a genus of shark also called "snaggletooth" and known for its extremely serrated teeth. Dugongs disappeared from Florida at the end of the Miocene and are represented today by the manatee. However, dugongs are not extinct. Today, most of the world’s population of dugongs is now found in northern Australian waters.

Order Selachii
Family Isuridae
Carcharodon megalodon (extinct giant white shark)
2.25" x 1.5"

Order Selachii
Family Carcharhinidae
Hemipristis serra (extinct snaggletooth shark)
1.25" x .75"

Order Sirena
Family Dugongidae
Metaxytherium (dugongs)
Rib fragment
4.75" x 1.75"

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