Noteworthy Trails along the Hogtown Creek Watershed

Behind the Green Acres Playground (Photo)
A series of unofficial dirt trails and mounds beginning near SW 62nd Blvd. and SW 4th Avenue, immediately north of a sewer station. The main trail has some small mounds and plenty of tree roots to navigate, with a few side paths to somewhat more challenging terrain. Keeping to your left as you enter, you'll end up in a housing complex near Myra Terwilliger Elementary School. Keeping right will take you through a private driveway and heading toward Clear Lake. From Clear Lake, follow the road until you see a dirt ramp to your right heading back into the woods, and take that to a raised, flat mound with a gate blocking the way. Get around the gate (it is easy to step over but you can also ride off the mound) and continue until encountering the second gate, then head right and continue to the big mound and the Green Acres playground. Beyond that lies several trails and a small creek, with one of the trails ending at the parking lot at Creekside Mall, near Calico Jacks. NOTE: you may want to have insect repellent.

Hogtown Greenway (Photos)
A relatively smooth, shady trail system between NW 8th Ave. and NW 16th Ave. The main "greenway" stays close to the creek, offering scenic views for the casual observer. For some minor thrills, keep your eyes open for the side trails.

SW 20th Avenue and SW 62nd Blvd
Although it is private property and has recently been fenced off, the muddy, winding dirt trails, steep mounds and root-ridden terrain used to be a major draw for motorcyclists and ATVs as well as leisure off-road bikers. If you're not concerned about getting caught for tresspassing, you can take your bike over the gate by the traffic light and proceed. Otherwise, at nearby Forest Park, some smaller trails are still accessible.

"The Powerlines"
It's not exactly within the Hogtown Creek area but it is close, challenging, and interesting enough to be worth a mention. Located west of Interstate 75 and Fort Clarke Middle School at the west end of NW 23rd Avenue, these trails--nicknamed after the powerline the main trail follows--contain hills which, for Florida standards, are rather steep. As with the trails on SW 20th Avenue, the Powerlines go through private property and some of the residents are reluctant to have bicyclists go through, so ride at your own risk. Also, it is easy to get lost here, so be aware of the paths you take. Depending on which ways you go, the trail can be six to 14 miles long.

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