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The Good Times

I have known Alli for about two years. I met her when I was on the Valencia Source staff, and we have become very close friends since then. I hope to make many happy memories with her in the future.

Me and my girlfriend, Alli.

Zack and I visited his sister in Portland, during the summer of 2004. During this trip, we were able to see Death Cab For Cutie and Pedro the Lion, two very good bands, for only five dollars. The stage was underneath the Morrison Bridge in Portland, and it was very beautiful. Portland is an awesome city, and I hope one day we can visit again. We also visited the West coast, and walked along the Pacific Ocean.

Zack at the Pacific Ocean.

This is Joy with her best friend Amber. I have been very good friends with Joy since the beginning of the summer of 2004.

Joy (right) and her best friend Amber.

I have been friends with Joe for about one year. Before I moved to Gainesville, I spent most of my time at his house, hanging out with him and his family.

Joe doing what he does best.

I was the News Editor for the Valencia Source, the Valencia Community College student newspaper. During Spring Break 2004 we attended a convention in New York, and we won the Apple Award.

The Valencia Source staff at a convention in New York.

Zack, myself and my friend Adam took a road trip up to Pennsylvania in December 2003. During this trip, we stayed with Adam's grandparents, and we also went to Times Square in New York for New Year's Eve.

Me and Zack meditating in Pennsylvania.

I have known Shawn and Adam since high school, and they have always had a way of making people laugh. I have known Mike since middle school, because he used to live in my neighborhood.

Mike, Adam, and Shawn being themselves.

While staying at Zack's sisters house in Portland, I made friends with her cat, Biscuit. I have never had a pet, so I just have to make friends with other people's pets.

Me and my friend, Biscuit.

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