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Summer 2004, me at the
beach in St. Croix.
Hello, and welcome to my site. I am a junior at the University of Florida, and my major is Online Media with a minor in Agricultural Communications. In the spring of 2006, when I graduate with my bachelor's degree, I hope to obtain a career as a web developer, writer and/or photographer working on animal-rights, environmental, and/or health issues; I am receptive to various new media positions too.

Currently, I am a full time student, a new media intern at two Gainesville businesses, and a phone representative for the UF Fund.  I am the librarian/host of a weekly meditation group, the secretary-in training for the Collegiate Living Organization, and a substitute childcare worker for the nursery at Westside Baptist Church.  Even though my schedule is busy, I have close relationships with my family and friends.  

I am a bit of a healthy nut too.  I practice a raw food diet, which means I choose to eat only uncooked fruits and vegetables, and everyday I bike ride.  I practice yoga and meditate daily too.  I also enjoy surfing, snorkeling, ocean kayaking, tubing, white-water rafting, jet skiing, snow skiing, riding snowmobiles, and skydiving. 
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