New York City

New York City is my favorite place on earth. I love the energy, the eclectic atmosphere and most of all, I love the FOOD!

My goal after graduation is to hopefully move to NY and get a great job at a magazine. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the job part, but I'd definitely love to live in New York, if only for a few years. I think I would enjoy it. I love the city! My friend Dave and me in Times Square

I go whenever I get the chance. Last summer, a few of my good friends were working in the city, so I went to visit them. Peyton and me bundled up in Central Park

Peyton and I, along with our friends Dalton, Kenny and Brian, went up for a long weekend last January. It was one of the coldest weeks New York had all winter, but we didn't mind...we were having so much fun!

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