"Travel is as much a passion as ambition or love."
-L.E. Landon

I love to see different parts of the country -- and the world. Traveling, to me, is something that is integral in living life to the fullest. I see the world as a big adventure waiting to happen. Whether it's a road trip to an away game with the girls, a weekend in New York City, or 10 days overseas in the Middle East, every trip I take is a part of who I am.

I have also been on two missions trips with my church, which have been life-changing experiences. Spending 10 days in Jamaica in a deaf village, orphanage and hospital was incredibly challenging but so rewarding. Then, in 2001, I took a group of middle schoolers to Mexico for a week. It was amazing to see the way the kids reacted to the experience.

I don't know where my next trip will lead me -- but I do know it will be a wonderful adventure...and I can't wait.

Want to hear more about some of my bigger trips?

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