Lost in the Ghetto

Since I grew up in Ft. Myers, it was my natural responsibility to know the way to West Palm Beach. I thought I was pretty sure of how to get there. Being there were four guys and only one girl, looking at a map, or asking for directions was an emergency only option.

For two hours we were on the highway and we thought we would have been there already. No indication of our destination was visible. So, we took out a map. The map was our downfall. Apparently we were on the right road until we looked at the map and decided to take a short-cut.

We first experienced an hour on bumpy back roads that would have destroyed even the General Lee, (My Dukes of Hazard reference). Surrounded by fields of sugar cane, we realized, we were no where close to our destination.

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Photo of Thom Yorke from Radiohead on the Video Screen

The Concert

Although we made it ontime to catch the opening act, Supergrass, we elected to stay out in our $20 parking spot and drink! We ran into many people we knew, which wasn't much of a suprise to us, but should have been, being there were 20 thousand people there.

We heard Supergrass say goodnight, and we started to head for the enterance.

Radiohead put on a spectacular show. It was better than expected. No one I talked to was let down. From their opening song (2+2=5) to their close (I Might Be Wrong), Radiohead made all of the hours in the car worth it.

Back to Ft. Myers, Back to Gainesville

We drove back after the concert to Ft. Myers so we could watch the Denver Broncos vs the Kansas City Chiefs, with some friends of ours there.

The Colombian who had a great time but still whined the whole time about his cold insisted on going straight back to Tall. We tried to coeherse him to stay but to no avail he left before the start of the game. He told us he would stay if he could and said, "I want to live, so I must go."

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