THE RADIOHEAD WEEKEND: Highways, Backroads, Beaches, Music, The Colombian Epidemic, and Even Football

The Origin

The origin of the trip dates back to early July of 2003 when Radiohead (who had not appeared in South Florida since 1996) tickets went on sale.

Not knowing if I were going to walk away with tickets or heart ache, I approached the line that wrapped around Ticketmaster (Specs), 10 Minutes before it opened. Since TicketMaster discourages "camping out," they have adopted a lottery system to determin who will be in the front of the line, and who will be screwed. The major anxiety I was suffering from was NFL tickets went on sale the same exact time Radiohead tickets did. This caused a problem. I knew it would only take seconds for...

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Ft. Myers Beach

After a few hours at my parents place, we hit the road again for a 20 min. drive to Ft. Myers Beach. Our paradise awaited us. There were drinks, music, sand, the Gulf, a beautiful breeze, did I mention drinks?

We did have a bit of a problem sneaking all of our stuff into the room. We rented a room for two people, there were five of us. But with a little convincing (ass-kissing) by my part to the night clerk, things went off without a hitch.

We sat on the second level hotel porch (as showed in picture on page 1) overlooking both the main strip of Ft. Myers Beach, and the actual Beach. A huge Corona filled Cooler was brought out by my brother, as I asked the bartender in the hotel bar to cut some limes for us (no silverware in the room).

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The Road to Ft. Myers

On October 3rd (Friday), I awoke waiting for the journey to begin. Anxiety set in as I realized my Colombian friend was suppose to have arrived from Tallahasse two hours ago.

I had called him the night before and he had told me he was sick, but had been for over a week and it was winding down. This was a worrying me because there is nothing in the world like my sick Colombian friend.

Just as I called his apartment...

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