The origin of the trip dates back to early July of 2003 when Radiohead (who had not appeared in South Florida since 1996) tickets went on sale.

Not knowing if I were going to walk away with tickets or heart ache, I approached the line that wrapped around Ticket Master (Specs) 10 Minutes before it opened. Since Ticket Master discourages "camping out," they have adopted a lottery system to determine who will be in the front of the line, and who will be screwed. The major anxiety I was suffering from was NFL tickets went on sale the same exact time Radiohead tickets did. This caused a problem. I knew it would only take seconds for good seats to vanish and minutes for the event to sell out. I could just see my dream of seeing Radiohead slip away to the guy in the Miami Hurricane jersey (which made no sense, he was there to buy NFL tickets) with the bleach blonde mullet-head hair style.

A burly looking fellow walked up and down the line handing red raffle tickets to all. He went on to explain, “Who ever has the number that matches the number I pull will become first in line. Who ever is behind him will be second, and so on. Whoever is in front of him will move to the back of the line (these would be the people who were just bent over).”

Now my suspicion was confirmed. I was going to be one of the screwed. I am going to be screwed. I was going to be bent over. I was heading to the back of the line. “What was that? What did that burly man say,” I asked my brother.

“Three-hundred four,” he replied.

Holy cow!!! Holy cow!!! Out of the 150 or so people there, we were now moving to be second in line!

Needless to say, we walked away with tickets.

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