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After the death of Brad Nowell, Drummer Bud Gaugh and Bassist Eric Wilson put down their instruments for almost a year. Wilson and Gaugh met up again to play at a benefit called Enough Already in Los Angeles. They began to jamming together again and in due time formed the band they called Long Beach Dub Allstars. What is ďDubĒ you ask? Itís short for dub-style reggae.

The Long Beach Dub Allstars is not your average three-man band. In fact, it isnít three people at all, but seven: Bud, Eric, Marshall, Jack, Opie, Ras and Miguel and Tim.

Opie Ortiz is an old friend of the memberís of Sublime, as well as an artist and musician. He created most of the LBDA and Sublime art, including the famous sun icon of sublime. Although hesitant to replace Brad as the bandís head vocalist, he agreed and has been an excellent attribute to LBDAís musical creations.

Keyboardist Jack Maness and DJ Marshall Goodman had been Sublime sidemen from the band's earliest recording sessions. Goodman played drums on 40 Oz. To Freedom and produced tracks for Sublime and Right Back, LBDAís 1999 DreamWorks Records debut, as well as Wonders Of The World.

Maness, who sings backup and plays both the Hammond and electronic keyboard, was a longtime friend and roommate of Nowell.

RAS-1 came into the fold while still playing guitar for local punk and reggae bands like Jah Children. Saxman Tim Wu, formerly of Pocket Lent, appeared on the version of "Doin' Time" that opens the Sublime compilation Second-Hand Smoke (1997). A music major at California State University Of Long Beach, he plays both flute and saxophone on Wonders.

Along with reggae, punk and hip-hop rhythms, LBDA features DJ scratching, sampled drumbeats, matchless horn riffs and harmonized vocal impressions.

The group released their debut album, Long Beach Dub Allstars and Friends in 1998 under Skunk Records. A year later they signed with DreamWorks and released their follow-up album, Right Back. Their newest album, Wonders of the World was released in 2001.