Here are a few clips from my internships, student newspaper and correspondence work.

From The Alligator:
Gay Webster was diagnosed in 1990 with a rare recurring tumor doctors said would kill her.
Six months later, Webster’s college roommate was diagnosed with breast cancer in 18 lymph nodes.
The two women, who each attended UF in the mid-1970s, say they contracted their illnesses from a university landfill that may have been a dump site for hazardous wastes, according to a lawsuit filed Monday with the Department of Environmental Protection. Read more

From The Duluth News Tribune:
Zach Walters began his new life Friday, without a dependency or a criminal drug record.
Walters, 22, is the unofficial face of the St. Louis County Drug Court program. He joined one other rehabilitated substance abuser to make up the court's first graduating class.
Before accepting his diploma, Walters walked to the podium and thanked his family, his friends and court officials who helped him kick the drug habit that once ruled his life. Read more

*All Brett Laine wanted was to have a pork chop dinner with his girlfriend Nancy Jagunich at his Saginaw home. Instead, the two began to argue about chores and Jagunich got up to leave the room.
Laine tried to stop her, and the accidental struggle that ensued is what caused Jagunich's death in October 2001, defense attorney Richard Holmstrom said Thursday in his opening statement in St. Louis County District Court. Read more

From The Palm Beach Post:
Amid controversy over the constitutionality of Florida's death penalty laws, the state executed Rigoberto Sanchez-Velasco on Wednesday for raping and strangling an 11-year-old Hialeah girl nearly 16 years ago. The Cuban refugee from the 1980 Mariel boatlift was pronounced dead at 9:39 a.m., ending his pleas for death. Read more

From The St. Petersburg Times:
Before wading into the water garden at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, Don Goodman was always careful to search for the few transient alligators who swam there. On Monday, Goodman didn't look closely enough. Slinking along the pond's floor was an 11-foot bull gator nicknamed Mojo. As Goodman, the botanical gardens' director, pulled algae off the gardens' prize water lilies, the 392-pound alligator snapped and bit off his right forearm. Read more

*He peers at the front of a Greyhound bus that just pulled up outside the dingy Gainesville station. Then he sees it: a greenish splat on the front of the windshield.
"That's a lacewing," proclaims Dr. Mark Hostetler, a University of Florida researcher. "It's left over from last night." Read more

From USA TODAY.com:
Eighteen-year-old Joanna Diamond can't wait to join her friends for a Cajun-style spring break in New Orleans. But the University of Maryland at College Park freshman says a war with Iraq could ruin her plans.
"My parents would not want me going if there is a chance of military attack," says Diamond. "Bush is going to ruin my spring break." Read more

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