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You may be wondering who this 'Dave' person is and why you should be paying attention to this site. My name is David Stanton, and I am a 23-year-old graduate student in mass communication at the University of Florida. I, like many of you, had an interest in learning photography but was intimidated. Without any instruction, I purchased a camera and started shooting. By trial and error, I developed patterns that worked for me.

After grasping the basics, I took several photography courses during my undergraduate journalism program at the University of Florida. I learned a great deal by sharing my photos with other students and bouncing ideas off one another. For me, I saw photography as a way to diversify my journalism skills and increase my marketability. I shot photos for a school newspaper, got an internship at a daily paper and had a summer internship organizing the photo inventory for the corporate communications department of a large power company.

The most important thing I would like to impress upon you is that learning photography basics is relatively simple and improvement possibilities are endless.

Look at the above images and try to analyze the composition, lighting, shutter speed and aperature used. By looking at and analyzing good pictures, you can accelerate your learning curve and adjust your eye to see what the camera sees.

For more information, check out the Popular Photography magazine Web site for instruction and information about new equipment. Another good tutorial site is Petteri's Pontifications photography lessons page.

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