Shy as can be, little Piglet appears,
With the sweetest of smiles and large pinkish ears.
He may seem quite timid and squirmish to some.
But we know his heart is as big as they come.

Piglet is one of the characters from A. A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh stories. He is highly overlooked and that may be why he caught my attention in the first place. I have always liked this shy little pink pig. He sort of reminds me of myself... the shy part anyway :)

I have hundreds of Piglet items ranging from beanie babies in different costumes, stickers, books, Christmas ornaments, book ends, and even a videogame. I didn't get serious about my collection until my sophomore year at FSU, when my boyfriend and his family introduced me to the wonderful world of collecting. Thanks to them my collection has come a long way.

cute lil piglet

Pics & Links

Pinch to go to the movie's website
Piglet got his very own movie in 2003!

Hard to get picture of Piglet and I at Disney World.
Piglet and Jen