As far as music goes I listen to most kinds. If I hear it and I like it; I like it. If I had to pick a certain category that I like more than any other though it would have to be alternative/rock. My favorite artists by far are Fiona Apple and Lenny Kravitz. I loved both of Fiona's albums and am really excited about her third release, scheduled for early next year. I got to go to my first concert last year. As a birthday gift my boyfriend got me tickets to see Lenny Kravitz! There are many other groups/artists that I enjoy but none come close to these two. (btw, "Flutter Girl" is the name of a song on Chris Cornell's album Euphoria Morning. I just thought the name fit my fairy pic well!)

I'm not too much of a movie buff. I always get shocked reactions when people find out some of the movies I haven't seen such as Casa Blanca, Gone with the Wind, Ghost, or Indiana Jones. From those movies I have seen I do have a few favorites. Annie, City of Angels, Lord of the Rings, Moulin Rouge, and West Side Story. In case you noticed three of the five are musicals. I guess I just seem to really enjoy them, but I typically like all different kinds of movies.

My favorite films

Another facet of entertainment I'm not an expert in is celebrities, but I do have a set of favorite actors, Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage. Coincidentally they are both in one of my favorite movies together.

I have many other favorites, but I don't plan on writing a never-ending list. Some of my favorite hobbies include FSU football, Dance, collecting Piglet things,guitar, Paint Shop Pro, and word games.

Pics & Links

Link to Fiona's site, hopefully it will be updated soonFiona Apple

Check out Lenny's site!Lenny Kravitz

Babee Blue
Here's a pic of my guitar,Babee Blue. Well it's the same one i have anyway!