Competitive Distance Running
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Different Types of Races:

Cross country races- These are run on grass and trails.

Road races- These are run on roads or sidewalks.

Common Race Distances:

Keep in mind that many races are measured in kilometers, not miles.

Hereís the conversion:
1 mile = .6214 kilometers.

That means:
5K = 3.1 miles
10K = 6.2 miles
15K = 9.3 miles
Half marathon = 13.1 miles
Marathon = 26.2 miles
Ultramarathon = more than 26.2 miles

Two runners after a 5K race.Two runners after a 5K race.

Racing Tips:

Get to the race early so you have enough time to warm up, stretch, and get to the starting line. Pre-registering also helps save time before races.

Bring your own water or sports drink and post-race food in case refreshments run out.

Do a short, easy run the day before a race, or donít even run at all. Youíll feel rested and ready to go on race day.

If youíre sore the day after a race, take it easy. Your body needs time to recover after a hard race. Generally, the longer the distance of the race, the more easy days you need.

Donít start the race at a blazing pace. Adrenaline in the first mile may excite you to a faster pace than your body can handle for the rest of the race. If you start out too fast, youíll feel like youíve hit a brick wall later in the race. If you did start out too fast, however, all is not lost. Slow down a bit and see how you feel. Maybe you can keep up a faster pace than you realize!