Competitive Distance Running
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If you're just starting to run or looking to take your running to a more competitive level, the information on this site can help you train for and race in 5Ks to marathons.

Visit the training page for explanations and examples of various workouts. You'll also find out the best ways to measure your runs.

Visit the racing page for a list of common race distances and different types of races. Don't miss the racing tips too. You'll likely thank yourself on race day.

If you're wondering how runners find races and know what to wear and eat, answers to these questions and others are found on the FAQs page. Whether you have a random question or just want to pick up on miscellaneous information, check it out.

The running links page is where to go to find out more about competive running. The sites listed there contain resources like training guides, running articles, pace calculators, and race calendars. They allow you to find a running club or running store in your area, decide which energy bar is right for you, and register for races online.

Good luck!

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