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To introduce myself I'd like to share a few lyrics from a song I've adopted as my personal anthem, LL Cool J's "Mamma Said Knock You Out."

Just kidding.

A Self Portrait of the Author, drawn in MS Paint

This website has been brought to you by Mary Poole. You can see a self-portrait on this page, drawn with careful artistic rendering in MS Paint. The large coffee cup is the most accurate part, the blond highlights are complete fiction. The shoes are supposed to be Dr. Martens, which is also wishful thinking on the artist's part.

Mary is a senior at the University of Florida spending one more year languishing in Gainesville before moving on to meaningful employment. What meaningful employment she can obtain with a BA in English, a Certificate in Latin American Studies, and a minor in Teaching English as a Second Language is yet to be seen, but she has high hopes for something lucrative. After dabbling in the working world she plans to attend graduate school in New York City. (although running away with a rock staris not completely out of the question.)

Mary spends her free time watching old TV shows, drinking coffee, cooking, reading pretentious books, and eating cheese. She is the proud owner of a complete Star Wars Pez dispenser collection, thus cementing her status as an uber-geek.

Favorite places to waste time.
Television Without Pity Sarcastic reviews of television shows.
Buffy Guide A guide to the television show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
Internet Movie Database Everything you ever needed to know about movies.
The Greatest Films An excellent reference for classic films.
The Draco Trilogy I needed something to read between Harry Potter books. I found this excellent piece of fanfiction.

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