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Shopping in St.maarten St. Maarten or St. Martin like the French spelled is the smallest island in the world, which is 37 square miles. It is shared between two governments the Dutch and the French. The two governments have learned to live in a peaceful environment for the past 350 years. St. Maarten is located 150 miles east of Puerto Rico. It is known for their white sand beaches that rest in the border of the hills mile after mile. Although the territory falls under the government of Netherlands Antilles the diversity and the strong influence of West-Indian traditions make its culture in St. Maarten exclusively Dutch.

St. Maarten's atmosphere is a Caribbean hospitality and European sophistication. Its capital Philipsburg is known for its colonial architecture. The town began as a Dutch trading port, which made an international trading center for commerce. When it comes to shopping St. Maarten is the place to be. It is known for the cheapest prices in gold, silver and fine jewelry. The island it is also known for their nightlife. The party starts at sunset when cafes and night clubs open their door the vibrant Caribbean music along the beaches. The island most important festivity is Carnival, which is a two-weeks feasting of street dancing, parade and parties. Cruise ships arrive early morning to the island bringing thousands of tourists who come to the island to enjoy of the white sand beaches from different parts of the world.

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