My parents and I out to dinner for their 21st anniversary.I am an only child and grew up with just my two parents and then of course golden retrievers. Although small, I feel really lucky to have a family that has always been there for me, no matter what.

Shammie and Dolly doing what they do best - sleeping.We have two dogs, Shammie and Dolly, who are 13 and 10 years old. Goldens have always been a special part of our family. We got Shammie when I was in kindergarten, from a Mennonite farm up in Pennsylvania where we used to live. Dolly is special because her breeder is a close family friend of ours up north. She comes from a line of champion show dogs, but we just love her for being a livin' doll.

My dad works for Cox Target Media, specifically Valpak (think little blue envelopes filled with coupons you get in the mail). Their national headquarters are in Largo, so that's why we moved to Florida in the first place. He's worked there for just about 9 years. When the weekend rolls around my dad loves to golf early in the morning. I don't think I'll ever understand waking up at 6am to go play golf for four hours.

My mom has her own business and works out of the house. Terrie Pfeiffer Designs is an interior design business that my mom has had ever since I can remember. She started out when we lived in Pennsylvania, doing work for a residential builder in addition to other outside jobs. When we moved to Florida she started over. Now she does design work for two different residential builders, several commercial properites and also the jobs she gets by referral.

Grandma Nan on her birthday last January.About four years ago we were lucky enough to have my Grandma Nan move down to live near us from Findlay, Ohio. She now has a house about 10 minutes away from ours and a block away from the country club she belongs to where she plays golf and bridge several times a week. It was great having her around for most of my high school years and how of course I love having her at home when I visit.

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