We Nguyens aren't seafaring creatures, but we have tested the waters on occasion. Jump in and see how the water is.

Trac and his trusty companian, Brian, biking during a visit to North Carolina in 1998.

This was taken during my Scuba diving lesson in 1998 right before I graduated from high school.

Arrrr, matey

My father, Tai, at the back of the raft with Trac, scouting the river ahead.

Trang and I during the same rafting expidition.

In the "Air" section, you'll see that I went parasailing. The boat captain stopped the boat while I was in the air, and I floated down until my feet hit the water. The boat started back up before I could go down any further.

Here is Trang taking a breather during our 2003 trip to Keystone, Colorado.